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daily prompt- Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is spiders. I have had this irrational yet also rational fear of spiders my entire life. First of all they have eight legs! gross! Also a bunch of eyes, they can be hairy, AND some are  deadly. I use to be worse about spiders, I could deal when I would see one, then if I did, I would get super paranoid and anxious. When I was nine years old my therapist made me watch a video of spiders with happy music to desensitize them. Many years later,  I can now stand being near small spiders without freaking out… I’m twenty-one years old by the way. An average height woman that is afraid of tiny spiders, ha-ha, when i think of it that way its sounds silly but as I type, just the thought of them make me feel itchy and uncomfortable.


It’s all too beautiful

this is so true!

knit the hell out

Sometimes Instagram is a dangerous app. Sometimes it shows me pretty amazing yarns because I forget that when I follow mostly interesting and talented knitters, dyers, spinners, and crafters I’m going to be visually tempted by gorgeous yarns and patterns all of the time. Sometimes I’m really good at resisting or just making a mental note. Sometimes I have seemingly no control. These yarns are a result of the latter.

pigeon_roof_honey_medium2The first is Pigeonroof Studios 80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon Supersock in Honey. The next one is in Orchid:

pigeon_roof_orchid_medium2Really, can you blame me?

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Thanksgiving Day!

What a great start to my new blog being on Thanksgiving! I am spending the day with my mother, brother, and sister-in-law. Also with all 4 of our dogs together! 🙂 All the smells that are cooking smell so delightful my mouth is watering ha-ha! Anyway, my first post is about my love and passion for crocheting. I have about 4 projects that i am doing at the moment, i have started 2 of them so far. First i am making scarfs for my family for Christmas. my second project is a baby blanket for my future niece or nephew. My brother and sister-in-law are in the adopting procces and I plan to spoil them greatly, Wahahahaha!